Monday, January 24, 2011

Helena and sweaters

So, I think I mentioned a few months back that I became an aunt. Unfortunately, my sister lives in Germany so I don't get to meet my little niece Helena until she is 10 months old. I have to survive through skype and lots of emailed pictures. And knitting.

I've knit her two sweaters so far, the only two I've every completed actually! The first one was really fun and quick to knit. It was a newborn size, and she was a bit of a large baby, so she couldn't wear it for long.

The second one I made her for Christmas, and it took forever!! I was using tiny tiny yarn in garter stitch, and it just took a really long time! But it still turned out cute. I dyed it with Early Grey tea.

I am still just a little bit surprised that I actually created a wearable piece of clothing!

Oh, and by the way, isn't Helena just adorable??


  1. Oh my...those sweaters are so adorable!!!

  2. She is precious and I love the sweaters! Though, it is sad to see them grow out of hand knits.