Saturday, February 27, 2010

March One Small Change

I've recently been inspired by Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change group, where people commit to one attainable ecological change per month leading up to Earth Day. I've decided to make my change around paper products.

Now, I consider myself to be pretty good with paper. I never use paper towels, avoid disposable plates, napkins and cups like the plague (I usually will bring my own mug, and sometimes plate, to meetings or lectures). I usually dry my hands on my pants or shake them dry in public restrooms. I assemble every scrap of paper (receipts, envelopes, ...) and scribble lists, notes and directions on them before recycling... Etc, etc.

There is one area of my paper use, though, that I have been reluctant to address, and that deals with bodily fluids. Yes, I buy recycled toilet paper and use it very conservatively, but I'm still using paper every time I go to the bathroom or blow my nose. So I've decided to try out this whole "family cloth" thing, but only for number 1 right now. Baby steps, people. I cut up an old t-shirt, and I'm ready to go! And my pretty collection of vintage hankies that I used to use only as an accessory casually tucked in a pocket? Yes, I will be wiping my nose with them.

It's time to get over my squeamishness for more important things. I'm glad that Hip Mountain Mama and all those other One Small Changers have finally prompted me to take this step that I've been contemplating for awhile!

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I am not quite ready to make the change to a paperless bathroom, but I did make the change to a paperless kitchen! No paper towels or napkins for us anymore.

  2. Awesome!! We started the family cloth in Jan and we really love it. Honestly we haven't moved past number 1 yet, but we hope to get there one day!
    I know you are going to love it!!

  3. Oh very inspirational. I never even thought of this before!!

    Something for April:-)


  4. Yay for actually using beautiful vintage hankies! I am always proud to pull mine out of my pocket to blow my nose.

  5. I know the One Small Change challenge ends April 22, but I think this is something I'm going to implement yet this year. Yes, sqeamish about doing so as well, but really, why am I? And yes, good luck.

  6. I love the hankies! I've been wanting to find some myself. And I love the family cloth idea but was feeling too squeamish to start. It didn't even occur to me to start with #1! How obvious. We'll have to try it out in our house!

  7. Yay for Family Cloth!
    I've been caught short a few times when someone has forgotten to put a new roll of tp on the holder, and have used our baby's cloth wipes. I have to say, it's actually much nicer than paper! If only I could get my husband to agree :-/